Thunkable login issues/ app changes not saved

Hi, My student is facing login in Thunkable problem since past few weeks , tried everything like Ctl F5 hard refresh, cache clear, etc. It could finally be opened in Incognito mode but now Thunkable is not saving the changes in the app. PLEASE HELP
What information should I share for the problem to get solved, pls let me know. TIA

Just to chime in… I’m getting logged out of the forums and Thunkable Live frequently (multiple times in 24 hours).

And my projects are getting “stuck” where if I close the tab, it warns me that I will lose my progress. At that point, creating a version history save appears to work but doesn’t actually save the lost progress.

Thanks for reflecting in @tatiang
How can this be solved, as this is not the only student who is facing issues with Thunkable login but few others too face it on and off. It becomes a bit demotivating for them as they cannot understand why this is happening. I went through the documentation also given for Thunkable login troubleshooting but it didn’t help much as we are already following the guidelines given there.
Thunkable , Please help.

I’m not sure. When it logs me out, I’m able to log right back in without a problem.

Could you please tell me an email id/support where I can raise this ? TIA

I don’t work for Thunkable but I use the chat icon inside a project to reach support staff.

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Can you please help me @tatiang where is the chat option? I do not have a PRO account. TIA

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The chat bubble is a PRO feature and it is usually shown to new users for the first few days.

  • Chat support is available as a PRO feature
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Then How do I address this for my students. please suggest. TIA

Hi there @cseducator_mindchamp as others like @tatiang have pointed out, this is not part of any widespread issue with Thunkable. However, if you want to send me a message with the email addresses and device information of the user(s) who are seeing this issue, I can try and take a look at what might be happening.

Thanks so much!

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That would be a great help @matt_conroy . Can you please share your email id? TIA

@cseducator_mindchamp Please send them through a private message on this site. Just click on my user name in this message and then the blue message icon just to the right. Thanks!
Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 9.33.37 AM

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