Thunkable login doesnt work

Hi, My students have been facing Thunkable login issues on and off , a few are in India and some are in US, they have tried all types of workarounds suggested in previous posts like hard reset of browser, clearing cache , trying other browsers, Please suggest what can be done, below are screenshots

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We are facing the same issue. Help is very much appreciated! It’s on my daughters computer and she is using an HP Chromebook, if that helps.

Hello @marisa.s.conwayme0l8 @cseducator_mindchamp
A possible solution is to sign out from, go back to the community page, click “Log In” and then sign back in. Hopefully, that will enable you to connect and access the community.

Hi. Thanks for replying. My issue is there is just a blank white screen. I have no idea how to sign out.

I think I k ow what’s going on. It seems she can’t access Thunkable bc she’s under 13. However, she was accessing it using the same gmail account for about a month before this happened. I found this error when clicking it’about this page’. Did Thunkable change something that would lead to new age restrictions ?

Hello! Yes, you are right, it isn’t allowed for children under thirteen to use our services as they can’t give legally their consent to data processing. For more info please check our terms of use.

Our workaround I mentioned before is to sign out from Thunkable, and then try to connect to the community page.

Thanks. I tried that, we can sign her into the community account but can’t access all the projects linked to her account. I can access the app okay, but not the web account where she builds them all. Is there anyone who can support me to transfer her projects to my gmail account so she doesn’t need to start everything over?


Hello! I understand that it is frustrating to start everything from the beginning. So, let’s try first to gain access to her projects. Could you share with us a screenshot of what you see when she tries to access her projects? How many projects does she have?