Not saving changes

If i close my tab, thunkable is not always saving my progress and i am losing a lot. I have tried duplicating the project but it just generates an earlier version of my app and again does not have the changes. This is seriously annoying. It has only started happening in the last few days. Has anyone got any ideas of how to save so i dont lose my progress if i close the tab

See this: How to speed up Thunkable live testing update? - #14 by matt_conroy

Looks like it’s happening to other people, too:

Thanks, I had deduced that the save should happen quickly but not immediately so I’ve always been careful to not close a tab right after making a change. In this case, these are instances where I worked for several minutes or longer, making changes, and then waited a minute without doing anything and then tried to close the tab and got the warning message. Clicking OK and re-opening the project resulting in a loss of those changes I had made. This has happened a few times over the past 24 hours.

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@tatiang @quentin.auvinet @simonwriteclubdi Moving posts over to this thread since we’re all discussing the same thing here.

We are aware of the issue and it has been logged with our eng team for investigation. If there is anything else you see while this is happening (console errors, etc.), let me know here. The more information we can get, the better the chance we’ll have at figuring out the root cause and fixing this issue.

Thanks, all!


Hallo zusammen,
Ich programmiere gerade eine App auf thunkable.
Mein Problem ist, dass es nicht automatisch speichert!

Ich habe vieles geändert und am nächsten Tag war alles wieder weg…

kann mir jemand helfen

The trick I do is to change to the design tab first and then close. The warning message never comes in my case.

I will try that, thank you.

We pushed out platform release 402-4 very early this morning that should help remedy this issue. Could you all do a hard reset of your browsers and let us know if you are still seeing this issue with work not saving?


thank you!

Thanks guys. I think my happens sometimes when I move location. So if I have the tab open and working on it at home, then leave it open as I take laptop to cafe it causes a problem as WiFi has changed. I’ll try the switching to design mode next time. When it happened the other day I waited till I go home and back on my own WiFi then it was fine.

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