Thunkable stopped autosaving


I’ve been working on a thunkable project for a couple months now. Suddenly the site stopped autosaving whenever I added a new block or even just switched screens. I get the pop-up message stating “We haven’t saved your work yet, are you sure you want to leave?”

Has anybody encountered this problem as well and what can I do about it? Is there a limit in the amount of storage one app can contain?

thanks in advance

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Sometimes I saw such messages. They may be related to very large projects. Regularly make copies of your projects, which will reduce the likelihood of losing them.

Projects are saved on the Thunkable server, not on your computer, which is why it is quite possible that data was not completely transferred to the server for various reasons. For reference, the traffic between the browser and the Thunkable server is huge.


I have made a copy for this project but this copy has the same problem. Even when I try to start a new project and make some changes there they also don’t get saved.

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Unfortunately, I don’t know the reason for this. Now I was shown a dialog with a warning that the changes were not saved and whether I want to leave the project. I just moved the blocks in the editor and after that the message was not displayed. The only thing I noticed was that after copying a large function (700 blocks), there was a problem with saving the project. But this needs to be checked again, as the platform has recently been updated.

I’m facing the same issue