Thunnkable x not saving my work

is the thunkable server down?? my work progress not being saved! is there a problem on project size with regards to logic or something?? could my project be bugged?? the previous copies of the project also not saving or linking with live… i hope its just this project!

App Limits

Are you working on both computer and phone(not the thunkable live application but internet)? If you do, that may reset your work. Or maybe you are causing some errors on your program. Can you show me the screenshots of the every screen’s code and design?

You are right. Sometimes the IDE fails to save the updated project because it exceeded the size of the account (the pop-up appears with information that this operation is not possible), the project may suddenly reboot in the browser without saving the latest changes, the change in the IDE is gone, but is somewhere in the path to the server and is not displayed in Thunkavle Live. But the most unpleasant situation is when the project hangs and does not allow you to copy it or send the link to another user. I know the case was so in the draft hung one graphic file from the project it was impossible to remove in any way. The user had to create a project from the beginning because it didn’t make any copies.

Therefore, I recommend as often as possible to copy your project.

Sometimes strange things in the IDE are connected to the Thunkable X server. I use a fairly fast wired connection, but sometimes I notice that the server does not work as responsive as one would like.

Hi All,

We pushed a change last week that made saving work much better for larger projects. Let me know if you are still running into these issues

Hi, I have the same problem. I think you should add a “save” button.

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My students are also having a hard time saving and losing all their work. Are there any solutions?

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Same here, but i figured out that the more your project is big, the more you should wait, what I do now is that I wait 1-2mins after the last change was made before leaving Thunkable

I also perform a refresh to see if my work has been saved

In case it isn’t clear, event handlers are the blocks that say ‘when’ in them. Also note that you can also jiggle other top-level blocks, like variable initializers, to get the same workaround.


Thunkable does not allow me to make a copy of the project or share the source code. In addition, I used several buttons with background pictures, and when clicked it changes to a different background picture, but once in a while when I go back to the blocks, all the background picture changes blocks are cleared out and a error symbol appears next to it?

Hi @Galina_Lang, can you share a link to your project here please so that we can take a closer look?


Hi, I can’t because share it because it won’t let me generate a source code

Can you copy/paste the link from your browser please and we’ll take a look at it.


I can’t delete “files” either

I was struggling today with the changes I made to my project. I thought I was doing something wrong. Come to find out my project was not saving. Any changes I made to my app made no difference. I had no idea the changes weren’t being saved. What I started doing was changing the name of a button. This way when I went with live test and the button name did not change, I knew my app was not saving and the changes I made wasn’t an issue with my changes. Just a quick work-around to verify changes are being saved before you mess up your app.

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Hey @bobbyj12, please make sure you only have Thunkable open in 1 tab at a time and that it’s not open on any other device at the same time.

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Project not saving at all. Avter first time project was deleted , i made a copy every 5 minute. But seems when i reached some code length - it deletes all my blocks… In all project copies. So all project copies are clean( wery bad IDE