Cannot save project

today,i chang the project,but not save.


Could you provide a little more context about this problem, such as what exactly you were doing and what made you believe that the project didn’t save?

Thanks in advance.


i have a project with three screen,and have many code,it run ok,but i add a new screen,and add a button in it,it work well,then i add another button,the thunkablive cannot display the new component,and i reopen the project,find out cannot save my change.

please check my another post,i think it have the same problem.

hi,this problem still not solve…why cannot save more?code lines limit?

I believe we just fixed this. Please try again. Thank you for reporting!

It is not fixed.

The blocks are frequently lost even though Live Test works. Sometimes it is opposite: the Live Test fails but reloading (possibly after signing in + out) reveals the lastest code.

It seems random what works and what works not.

It is very,very hard to work with.

Maybe it’s because of a big(ger) project size than average?

Lists do not work, or functions do not work, or combinations do not work after working intensively with Thunkable for iOS.

How can we as users FORCE a save of the source code/blocks?

How can we make backups, copies and download the source code?

Is the erratic behaviour of the source code the source of frequent build failures when downloading the app?

Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated - I really love your initiative and I hope you will succeed!

Please allow me to follow up on my own observations:

I have experimented quite a lot with this problem of blocks not being saved and compiling inconsistent code - and it seems like the source code file is not being flushed to storage/disk immediately after changing blocks in the code.

If add som more blocks and delete af few again (over some time) the buffer seems to fill up and flush the file buffer thus saving my blocks to disk.

It looks a lot like a lazy/delayed/incomplete file write operation - but then again - it could be something completely different… :wink:

Hope this observation was useful.

All the best.

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Could possibly be related to that all my blocks have been copied to all my screens so my code get inconsistent when I edit it (and am not fully aware which screen I am editing the code in)… but how did this happen?

Today I created a new scree - but no block were copied to it as it seems has happened before.

OK - think I figured it out:

If I have two screens and some blocks on one screen and I view the blocks AND change to the other screen without switching between the properties tab and back to the blocks tab after selecting the the other screen AND THEN draw a new block to the block (from the first screen!) then all blocks are copied to the other screen.

It is very, very, very confusing and not easy to work with at all.

Hope this helps with debugging.

All the best,


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@losmobilos thank you for your patience and your detailed troubleshooting notes, it’s very helpful. @tingc is working on a fix for some of the issues you describe here that we hope to deploy tomorrow.

Thanks a lot- I’m looking forward to taking it out for a test spin :wink:

FYI, we recently pushed a fix to a significant issue in this area.

Cool - will test.

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I am experiencing the same now. It is very, very frustrating not being able to save the project.

Changes are simply not present after re-opening the project.

On rare occations a change is commited - but I cannot find a system to what triggers the save.

My project is quite large - is that an issue?

When I try and copy/save it deletes a large function.

Gotta stop using it till this gets figured out.

yeah this is still not fixed it wont work for me the auto saving system really doesn’t work at least incorporate a manual save mechanism, mainly the preview button doesn’t incorporate code changes i make until a day later. also it seems to stop saving things after a bit. it’s very inconsistent and annoying. i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong. The preview button is pretty much useless. I have to do an assignment on this site and i have to deal with this.

having the same challenge, and i’m working with a time line too

I sometimes have delays in updating my changes of 2 or 3 seconds - I’ve never heard of it taking a day for changes to show in Web Preview. Do you have a reliable/stable internet connection @potentialthreat47wkx?

@greatmanobijrky can you tell us a little more about what’s happening please?


Hi, I am facing the same issue. That saving sometimes is lost and the code actually cashed and sometimes (30 to 40 percent the code is not saved and I have to rewrite it).

Before I used to have 2 xthunkable tabs and opening 2 different projects and that resulted to 100% lost of data for both projects (it is cashed and might run in live test, but if you sign out and sign in again nothing is there).

But at the moment I am still struggling to know how can I force Save for my code and check that it is actually saved. Thunkable guys, please let us know if there is a way (like a progress bar that shows that data is saved to the server not the cash)…

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