Thunkable Live on Apple Macintosh

Can I make a plea for Thunkable to make a version of Thunkable Live for the Apple Macintosh?

Currently you have to have a Apple Mac as well as an Iphone to develop apps for the Iphone.

This is because there is no working emulator for the iphone on Windows, it has to have its code compiled on a Apple Mac, before it can be downloaded on to Iphone, using Itunes or the App store.

Both of these stop you downloading Apple Apps on to a PC.

Therefore as an intermediate step, could the Iphone app for Thunkable be made to work on an Apple Mac, which can be emulated (with difficulty) on a Microsoft PC?

This would enable developers to work on both android (which is emulatable on a PC) and the Iphone on the more popular and cheaper platform of a PC?

I notice that Thunkable is producing a combined application for both IOS and Android in the near Future, so this would fit in nicely.

Thunkable does this step for you - so there is not need for a macOS device, only an iOS device to test on.

But the device has to have IOS 8 or above to run Thunkable live, so says your app on Apple Itunes!
Therefore I cannot run it on a Iphone 4, which is cheaper.
It also does not run on Iphone 3 or 2.
It all seems to be a race to force people to upgrade their Iphone.

So There is no way to see the results of a thunkable project, as it cannot be done on the Thunkable web pages, as there is no emulator there, for Android or Iphone.

The only Apple Iphone emulator has to be run a Apple MAC.