Thunkable Direct testing on PC using emulator options on thunkable platform

While testing thunkable app we need to test using thunkable live app but it will not work well. And for testing app it required both Android and iOS cellphone. Why thunkable is not providing emulator for both Android and iOS to direct testing on website on PC itself.


Hi there,

We are working on improving the Live Testing process for all users!
We hope you’ll enjoy the result :grin:

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Thanks for reply it will avoid dependency on cellphone it really amazing to user

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If you have an iphone, you can use Bluestacks to emulate Android ony our mac or windows pc. Bluestacks also allows you to choose what device you want to emulate from phone brands like Samsung, Google, Oneplus, Huawei.

On the other hand to test iphone, there are probably some dodgey emulators out there that would do the trick, but it is not something I would do as you have to sign into your Google Account. And your anti virus cannot stop them stealing this info or deleting editing your projects.

I tried Bluestacks. Installed it on my PC and tried to download Thunkable Live from the Play Store but Got a message that this app won’t run on my device (the Bluestack emulator) and there was no INSTALL button.
What did I do wrong?

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What version of Bluestack are you using and on what OS? Bluestack has been working fine for me for several years now on Windows. Memu play emulator works worse with Thunlable X, but sometimes I use it.

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There is no iOS Emulator available other than on Xcode (wich only runs on mac and you cannot install built apps in that - we would need to have the Xcode file to run it) :confused:

That said I am excited what Thunkable will come up with but keep in mind they cannot simply create an iOS emulator - if it was that easy there would have been plenty already :sweat_smile:

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Windows 10 64 bits.

Thanks for responding

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This is strange.

Try installing the Memu Play emulator -

I have heard that downloads of MemuPlay have been malicious and virus infested, best bet is to download from the official site but your anti virus will most likely block this from downloading or running, even if it is the official download.

I use blue stacks on my Mac. It’s has bugs sometimes but works decent enough for testing

If you want a proper Android simulator that has realistic specs then you need to install Android Studio and run the emulator that is included. It is far more stable and the resolution is much more realistic than Bluestacks wich was built to run Android Games / Apps on Desktop and not for relistic testing purposes :wink:

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Yes but for someone like me who has an AMD machine, Android Studio requires Intel CPU architecture to run and thus I get bad errors. Bluestacks on the other hand works a dream, regardless of the slightly less realistic experience.


Oh sorry for that I wasn‘t thinking that Android Studio was Intel only :grimacing: For those who happen to have a higher dpi screen and no possibility to run Android studio I recommend to reduce/change the dpi/resolution settings in Bluestacks to get proper size testing for mobile. Otherwise you will realize that items on screen are very small / off.

Best, Chris

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Thanks all for the inputs.
All in all, I haven’t found THE solution, but will have to do with what is out there… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I also know that you can use Bluestacks, it allows you to emulate all kinds of phones ( it does not matter ) on your windows or mac PC. It is great cause people who are using Mac have problems with connection if they have an android phone. Usually PC on windows are working slowly if you do such things on it or if you do more activities in the same time. In such cases is good to have on your computer PC optimization software which will help carry out usual tasks again and to clean up unusual information. You can check if you want to find a such software.