Emulators need pls

can u suggest me best ios emulators and for android

only for Android - Bluestackes 4 64

Nope it hangs a lot so I deleted it I have bignox but I need in phone view.Same follows for iOS .so pls tell correctly

I do not know what system you are running BlueStacks on and what version it is, but I have been using It for more than 3 years and I not seen a better emulator out of a dozen others.

BlueStacks 4 64bit is a multifunctional and therefore quite heavy emulator that will by definition hang on a weak computer, but on a powerful computer I have not seen any problems with it, if there are no bugs in Thunkable X and in my blocks.

my pc hs 16 gb ram.i5 .so pls tell

pls tell

ok did it actech thanks

but can someone tell for ios