Good Reasons why developing apps for iphone is extreemely difficult

I found this quote which very telling "First off, iOS emulators don’t really exist.
The problem is that iOS is closed source.
On the other hand, Android emulators exist due to android being open source.
So, since Apple has not released its own emulator, it is quite unlikely that a true iOS emulator will exist as of now."
I have tried to find a IOS emulator which will operate on IOS 8 or above, so that I can test a thunkable app, as I do not have a suitable iphone and the ios live app does not work on a PC.

This from a January 2018 list of IOS emulators

  1. iPadian, no longer exists as free download. It also has difficulty running code.
  2. Mobione Studio has been discontinued and was only available from one website. It is no longer available.
  3. SmartFace is cloud based designer studio that you have to pay for the time on it.
  4. is another cloud based emulator on pay as you use basis.
  5. is another cloud based emulator on pay as you use basis.
  6. AirPhone Emulator, does not run ios code.
  7. Xamarin TestFlight requires Visual Studio and is form producer, not an emulator.
  8. Ripple No longer exists and is not downloadable.
  9. iMame Emulator is a games emulator to play ios games on PC, but does not allow you to run code.
  10. Electric Mobile Studio is another Visual Studio add-on, which allows you to write code, but i costs $39.95.
    So none you can download and use with Thunkable to run the Thunkable live app to test your app on your own pc.
    I suggest that Thunkable needs to produce a IOS emulator that runs on a PC, in order for us to use it as a community to test our apps on a Live environment, as the existing Apple provided environment is “CLOSED” and costs £500 fr a test bed iphone.