iOS 9 is currently not supported both for live testing and compilated thunkable X apps

Has the support for iOS 9.3.5 stopped with the recent update of the thunkable app 45? When I clock the app it starts and after 1 second it closes without a sign. It seems to be present in the background (double click home button) but is not available :thinking:

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@User81 I’d expect it to still work on iOS 9. Can you message me a share link to your project?

Hey @mike,

thx for your help! My project link is

The strange thing is that I removed and reinstalled the iOS thunkable live app version 45 and still it just runs for one second and then its gone. I cannot do anything in the companion app :frowning:

@User81 did our previous companion work for you in iOS 9?

yes. I have no other device than the iPhone 4s with iOS 9.3.5 .

I was able to use the companion app since last week, I remember

I cannot find good logging or analysis options on iPhone 4s.

Can I use genymotion or do I have to buy a new device?

@User81 unfortunately it appears iOS 9 is no longer supported on our latest version. We may be able to fix it but even if we do certain components, like any that use speech recognition, won’t work because they require iOS 10.

If you download the official Android emulator from Google it has the Play Store and you should be able to download our Android app. Unfortunately I can’t provide support for that path.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of a possible iOS 9 fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

oh man. this is sad. I wanted to build some public iOS design templates for the community this weekend :frowning:

but thanks for letting me know! and doing extra work on fridays.

you might want to correct this on the appstore “iOS 9 or newer is required”

have a nice weekend!

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@User81, If you are interested in using Genymotion, we have an entry for that in our documentation: here.


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That would be nice for me and the others who belong to the 13 % market share of iOS 9.

P.S.: My downloaded app is also not working. So I changed the title of this thread…

We’re definitely going to look into bring compatibility back and we’ll surely keep you posted. But keep in mind as you develop apps for the Apple App Store that they are only seeing 5% on iOS 9 or below, see


my argument is that there is no simulation device for iOS - so to do crossover app development you at least need an iOS device. Iphone 4s (iOS 9)is 50 bucks, Iphone 5 (iOS 10) is approximately 150 bucks :thinking:

but I will get myself a iOS 10 device next weekend :+1:

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Even though iOS 9 is a low % of users, I suspect in the educational world, old Ipads and Iphones are commonplace.
I’m doing a bring your own device computer coding camp this summer, where I’m certain older Ipads and Iphones will be brought. Some of the schools I work in have ancient equipment, including cabinets full of older Ipads.

Even though things like voice recognition might not work, it would be helpful to those of us with little or no budget to bring some functionality for iOS 9 back.