Thunkable Live and Android build crashing uncontrollably

Is anyone else experiencing uncontrolled crashes in their app when testing it on Thunkable Live? I first logged this issue about 6 weeks ago, and have logged it multiple times since. The app I created works perfectly in Web Viewer but is crashing uncontrollably on Thunkable Live and when I create an Android build.

The initial feedback from support was that it was an issue with Data Viewer Lists and I spent 4x12 hour days straight removing every DVL, every local table on 2 apps, and recreating them only for the app to crash uncontrollably again. (I am also experiencing random page delays using the editor which meant that at times, it took minutes to achieve something that should have taken seconds).

The next thing that was suggested was copying the app and reorganizing it. That appeared to temporarily solve the problem, but it occurred again.

Next the issue was believed to be a navigation one, so I had to copy the app, reorganize it, delete a navigation block, add a new version of the navigation block and proceed.

However as can be seen above, deleting the navigation block and creating a new version hasn’t worked.

If it is a navigation block, then this is what is crashing:

I have spent six months building this app which is working perfectly on the Web Viewer but have spent the past 6 weeks trying to get a resolution to the issues with Thunkable Live and building for Android.

From testing with the Web Viewer, the app is ready for release and use but is crashing when tested on a device.

This is extremely frustrating having invested so much time and effort.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues or have any suggestions?

This is also happening to me in several of my projects, even in many that were already published and making updates, when trying it and also when downloading and installing on Android, the app closes itself, or gives the same problem.

It’s a big bug that needs to be fixed.

Hi @fredyfernando is there anything that you have tried that fixes the problem on any of your projects?

Change components, removed features with firebase and reassembled.

The truth is that I don’t know what specifically produces the errors, I have also had problems with the data views, it is difficult to identify.