Thunkable Future Considerations


Got it! I wouldn’t worry too much as we are committed to support Thunkable Classic until late 2019, a year from now.

We love our users and I am here to help :slight_smile:



I suggest that anyone who wants to stay in the classic version will pay $ 10 (or more or less what they choose)


Why do that when there are other distributors that are not charging at all?
It’s a free market out there…


Ok if you are still supporting it then you should take some time to see issues that have the experimental components of Admob and Firebase, they work like a charm when you are in development but when you compile the apk and you install it the app keeps crashing… I mean it does not open at all!!!
No errors during compiling also…

When these components are removed the apk opens normally…

Should you decide to take a look I am willing to send you in private message an apk that has such issues…

Just let me know…


But they want to close the classic Thunkable


That’s why I started the topic initially…
Go on the top and read the discussion from the beginning…
I have written two relatively long posts.
After that lets discuss it again.


For admon, can you send me a simple aia file which show the problem?



Thanks so much for being a Thunkable user and apologies that these changes seem like they have betrayed your trust.

We know this is a big change for our users but one that we ultimately believed was the best path for us to enable as many people as possible to build their own beautiful, powerful and modern apps.

We are going to work as hard as possible to try to win you back in the future – but we are very grateful for all that you have done for the community so far.

Albert @ Thunkable


@Wei I am not going to fix any simple file to show the problem on these two components.
I am not willing to create any new project in Classic platform and in a simple example it may not present the issues I am facing in other projects…

I can assure you that my most complex & advanced app with several extensions used in it (Accounts Manager) before the last upgrades had both components in it and it was working great… now it crashes as I have already stated above…

I had to remove both components to make it functional again…

I can’t share the aia for this project since I have not yet published it in store and since several paid aix files are in it…
I can export you an apk if you wish to see that it crashes on opening the app but I will have to add back all the components that I have removed…
Unfortunately I have not kept an older apk that everything was working as intended. I only keep aia files as back up…

If any file is available, it may be in my laptop which currently is sent back to ASUS service. So I don’t have access to these backups that I may have there…

@albert you know what? yes you have lost my trust and faith…
not because you made a business decision but for the way you opted to sell this decision to your users…


I appreciate the fact that you are willing to win me back, however I don’t understand how this could be possible since I do not believe that you are going to change business strategy (and I do not want to…)

Finally, it is a shame that I have been creating Accounts Manager for 8 months and I was about to publish it to Play Store and promote Thunkable and now I am just porting it to Makeroid and I am only fine tuning some differences and I am going to promote another platform instead…


this is how software development and fixing bugs work: you create an example project as simple as possible and if you get the same issue there, then the developers have something to work with
how should they be able to fix a bug without being able to see a project having issues?
it is your decision to help or to not help…



Maybe a bit late but I want to add my two cents to this discussion.
In the last months, for personal reasons, I was away from this community and work less and less with Thunkable so the news about no more supporting classic was less painfull.
Me too remember how Thunkable was at the “good old times” and think that developer team made a brave even if not shared choice.
My present job don’t require me to produce mobile app, so I’m less envolved in mobile development.
I think I will continue to use Thunkable classic for short term, personal, project (if there will be some) an for experimenting until 2019.
I think I will get a try to Thunkable X.
But I’m not interested in iOS development, not now nor in the future. I don’t have an iOS device and I will never have one. So I will take a look to other App Inventor derivate platform, too.
I want to thanks all community member, all Power User with whom I shared the role of helper and promoter and, last but not least, all the developer team for the strenuos but wonderful work done. I love you all!

P.S. I apologize for my “ungrammatical” post: it was write quickly but by heart.


I think that I am aware how things work…
Since you follow this community a long time (as well as other communities) you must have noticed this!!!
I feel that you are misjudging me by focusing on only one part of one post in this entire topic

In the past I have shared my simple aia files to make things better (you may search for my contribution when FABs had issues on screen rotation).

I have performed User Acceptance Testing for at least one app and I have given positive feedback to its creator (search about USA app and my comments on it)

I have also ordered extensions from @Andres_Cotes and @Kus_Zab and I have also tested and gave them feedback on how to better their products…

Anyone helps and shares his time to assist when he believes that all the effort he places is going to come up to a result.

I urge you to read all my posts in the topic and get the feeling I have…

When I am announcing something like this below what type of contribution/help are you expecting to give to Thunkable?


Thunkable Classic closing down is just as sad as Google+ closing down! (Not to mention that I am a fan of Google+. Not the opposite!)


Despite my older refusal to contribute in making Thunkable Classic better by creating a simple example aia for an issue with admob component I have tried today to make this simple project and send it to Thunkable team for review.

With respect to the admob component issues that I have noticed in the past were the following:

Beside the quoted issues I have also noticed that if I try to add interstitial ads in an aia that has been created before August 2018 (when changes for playstore purposes were made) then the interstitial ads do not show at all. On the other hand if these projects already had ads then they are still working…

If I create a new project then the issue does not appear!!!

I don’t know what it takes to help on solving the issue…


It works, I checked, thanks for the advice :clap::clap::clap:


I think we should invest time in other builders rather asking thunkable team to fix the issues. As this is going to graveyard anyway… why waste our energy and update thunkable team. Now thunk classic has become burden for thunk team. We should all think how to give a grand farewell to classic.:wink: