Thank You Extension Developer

First time posting here since joining yesterday, don’t know where should I post this.

Previously I use MIT Inventor to develop my own personal app and I really have a blast. I never imagine that I can create my own android app before, and now I’m super interested to do more and more creative things using it.

I’ve used Windows Phone for years because I love Nokia.
I know how frustrating to have phone system with strictly limited applications, that I sometimes think “even if it’s not perfect as in Adroid, someone…please make preview version for Windows Phone…I won’t complain”. The wish rarely come true that makes me disappointed most of the time and feel anger.

But now I understand how hard it is to make a good-useful-fully logical app. Even for some simple task, I have to do think and try a lot…and a lot lot more to make it right. And it never stop there, because another problems surely appear when we are using different phone.

I can make simple app, but to create extension is still sky far from me.
To learn how to, thinking, designing, developing, and conquering bugs one by one, it consumes a great deal of headache and time…also snacks. So I deeply thankful for all developer for their extension and knowledge you share no matter how simple it is. You helped me and a lot of people in more ways you can think. I hope God will always help and guide you for all good did you always do.