Extension development suggestion. Subcatagory

Hello. Just wanted to share my opinion about the development of Extensions, Particularly for new extension developers.

I know repetitive Extensions with the same properties or function of other ones published is frowned upon, Well reasons are good as over saturation of the same/like will be offered which is obviously tedious to manage.

I was thinking to help people out, Perhaps a testing and development sub category would be a nice place for new developers in training get to grips with learning and offer there test extensions ether before release or to help with debugging or assistance from a more seasoned developer.

Things to offer such as little tidbits/tutorials, best practices and the like.

I feel such a section would help in growing skills and help produce better quality extensions in the future.
We all know learning curves are hard, And I’ve always supported the more visual aspect to learning a new thing.
Which is primarily what AI Was intended for. Visually helps promote healthy thinking and absorption of information.

Something i would like to see in the extension department, A more lax’d learning environment to aid in the support of development skills :smiley: Somewhere where learners can post there progress, “Hey i made a block”
I modified a Ai2 source, Silly things like that which i think will be beneficial :slight_smile:

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you might want to ask questions about working with the App Inentor sources in the Open Source forum

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Hey @AppyDroidDevelopment, thanks for your suggestion.

As a member of the Extension Developers group you can create messages just for the attention of your fellow extension developers. I have already tagged you in a similar “welcome new Extension Developers” post. I think this would be a good way to ask questions, share ideas and help with testing.

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Ah righto :slight_smile: I have a few problems with an Extension update I will post in there :slight_smile:

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Cool, let me know if you have any issues with posting as this is a new group.

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