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Next day you all can download my free Extension trought this apps. Just wait few days to make an update link.


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The app is so overloaded… ugly fonts, too many random icons, not at all material design and the app is slow and not running smooth even with cache enabled… Also annoying ads… uninstalled again…

Also we already had this topic a few times: why would anybody want to download extensions to his smartphone when you need them on your Mac/PC…


Please Go Easy. this is his personal way of marketing his extensions and there is absolutely no problem with that. Downloaded extensions on phones can be transferred to the PC/Mac. it is just like saying why should we build apps on laptops when they will be needed or used on phones!

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well that’s how you think about it… I think it is a poor user experience and comparing this to building apps on desktop to me does not make sense at all… in 99% of time you will download apps to your phone not your desktop - it doesn’t matter where they were built…

But i also agree with this! Man you mean to say you have all these nice extensions and you can’t work to customise your UI ? Use official fonts Please and the overall user experience is very buggy. Work on your Spacing and Layout Management please. A plain background wouldn’t be bad either. The App seem to be mixed up with multiple languages at the same time . kindly use a default language example English and add a settings where the language can be changed by user’s preference


i am not talking about user experience here. i am talking about downloading the extension to your phone and copying it to your machine. you should know that there are a lot of people who don’t even have a wifi to test apps on their phones. they use the Emulator, compile the apk on the desktop and copy it to their phone for testing. there is nothing wrong with that. just be realistic here man. if you want to criticise a work done by someone, make it constructively.


Wow, when developer say to another developer really awesome man, I know you hate me its over man lets paypal decided.

I agree with unnisntalled again im not force you to download it but this comment

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I don’t think you understood the slightest thing that I wrote… At least I can tell for sure that I can’t understand a lot of your reply :thinking::man_shrugging:t3:

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im born Indonesia I do sorry not born like as your think. Its my mistake can speak like as you are, I just Imagine how beatifull your life.


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Not every one is genius in this world. every one has separate abilities and disability. you has a unique ability to build wonderful extension. your app ui is awesome but font is the one of the major fault.even @Chris does not has a ability to build extension and also your extensions really opens up new possibilities so, “THINK POSITIVE”

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Thanks bro, Maybe its on development and updating, I will make some change

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you don’t even know me or if I am able to build extensions :wink: if you think the UI is awesome then I guess you have no clue about UI design… however not everybody likes and thinks the same and thats okay :wink:

haha Irony

if you cannot take criticism to improve your work then just continue with it being not good, I don’t really care but since you told you need to make money I guess you should improve it instead of crying around about how mean I am… Also this has nothing to do with the extension trouble we had… I just think the design and smoothness of the app is bad and I would think the same if somebody else did it.

I dont know why you guys are discouraging

then show me :joy: I have never seen your extension

you don’t even know me or if I am able to build design

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This criticism

this too

But yours hate speech

I do know that you have no clue about design if you tell me (educated graphic designer) that the UI of this app is good :sweat_smile::wink:

lol it is exactly the same if you read he is agreeing on all those points of mine except the downloading to phone part :sweat_smile:

Its fine but not making hate speech

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