Extensions App (You can upload your extensions as well )

Hey guys ,
I developed an app which is quite kool. Everyone must download :slight_smile:
The app name is App Inventor Extensions. Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thunkable.android.hitesh_techy.App_Inventor_Extensions

Aim to create the App : to easily provide extensions to app developers and appreciate the efforts of extensions developers.

Type of App: Free

Features of App : The app is based on extensions list. App contains lists of extensions which extension developers upload through app. Currently the app supports list of free extensions. Users can easily see list of extensions uploaded by the extension developers. Extensions developers list is also available in the app for better sorting of extensions.
You can easily upload your own extensions and they will be available publically. The extensions list is updated each second according to the new extensions available.
The extension developers can add their donation paypal link as well which will be shown when people will download extensions.
The app also shows total number of hits on particular extensions.

The app is totally firebase based.

More : Im thankful to the thunkable team for providing this platform to develop app and thankful to each and every extension developer.

I request all the extension developers to download the app and upload their own extensions as well. it would be helpful.

Feedbacks and suggestions are highly required if any.

Please rate the app if you guys like it .



Hey! Great app! Is very fast and has a very good and simple design! You should add screenshots to your post to let the developers see how it works.

The only thing I find bad in this proposal is that the .aix is downloaded to your phone, and you need it in your computer (or more specifically in appinventor or its distributions). So it is not very practical.

I would recommend to be able to try the extensions in your app (that would be very useful) and send the link to the original post in order to download the extension and be able to donate if the developer asks for it.


@Hitesh read this https://puravidaapps.com/dropbox.php

You can also use the share component to upload the .aix to google drive

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Yeah app is fast. thanks i will add screenshots as well.
Thanks for the feedback i would try to put it in the app.

The app chaches when I open it :neutral_face: I’m using huawei P9 lite

Nice idea tho ^^

oh man. any Error reports or something ?

oh man. any Error reports or something ?
it would be helpful

Im afraid not, When i open it, it just closes right after

yes exactly! not very practical…

also please see my terms of conditions in case you are thinking of using my extensions…

My webpage at https://puravidaapps.com/extensions.php is the only authorized place to download my extensions. It is not allowed to host my extensions somewhere else and offer it for others to download.

You are allowed to provide a link to my site, so others can download the extension there. You will find the most up to date version always there including documentation and usage examples.

Thank you for respecting my terms and conditions.



Thanks for the feedback.