Accounts manager (A personal finances app)

The last period I have been developing a new app to handle expenses and income and provide some usefull reporting to the user…
Due to limited time I have not progressed the way I intended to …

Please take a look here and let me know what are you thinking about it…


Playstore link


Hi, @Mr_Blackd

I was very curious about the extensions you used. Could you tell me their names if you can?

Here is a screenshot of all the extensions that are currently uploaded in the project.

However this is still a work in progress and some of the extensions may not be used finally and other extensions will be added.

More specifically I am not sure if in the final apk I will use TaifunTextbox extension since this was meant to be used in the screen that I am modifying/deleting records and I think that I will use another approach after all.

Also I am planning to add SQlite Extension by Carlos Pedroza for using it in the detailed and synopsis reports tables.

Finally I am going to add charts in the Statistics screen using charts.js by using this open sourced project

Also I have developed my own html file that dynamically generates the tables from a string based on an older script found in
However the table is able to change theme dynamically based on the selections the user has made in Theme screen…

As you can understand there are a lot to be done yet:

  • finalize modify records screen
  • finalize overview (i.e. home screen)
  • design detailed and synopsis reports
  • design statistics (charts) screen
  • update about and changelog
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Podria compartir el aia sos un crack

I am sorry to disappoint you but no. I will not share this aia for many reasons:

  1. It is my intellectual property that I am developing a long time already [usually late on night instead of sleeping]
  2. There is much more functionality than what appears in the screenshots which took a lot of effort and fantasy to create it.
  3. I plan to upload this to play store and commercialize it
  4. It contains several paid extensions of various developers and I am not intending to give their work for free to anyone. Doing so I would be acting unethical and illegal !!

Also what do you mean with

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I have been building a long time now this app and I had no issue with it until yesterday that I decided to add Firebase and Account Manager Extension in order to implement user authentication…

there are no errors in the blocks,
no issues in compiling the apk,
no issues durring Live testing the app.

However when I install the apk it installs correctly but when opening the app it crashes…

I also noticed that during development SOMETIMES ONLY I got a message of Firebase permissions error???
I have been using the exact same method with other apps and no Firebase issues exist!!!

Other apps that have Firebase and Account Manager Extension don’t have any similar issue.

Can anyone give a hint why it crashes?

I have opted to use Account Manager Extension and not Pick Google Account Extension because I need to add also AdMob…

Also this app is heavily using extensions i.e.

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After significant consideration about the distribution of this app I have come to the conclusion to publish it without ads or fee in order to use it…

From now it is available on play store, you can find a relevant link on the first post of this topic.

Please read the description on the app in the store and the about section within the app in order to use it effectively.

In case you do not understand how to use the app you can use the integrated tutorial available on the sidebar.

Please post here your comments on this app and any ideas for improvement.

I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do.
Thank you for installing…

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Hello @Mr_Blackd
First of all, let me accept,this is one of the finest app, I have seen, created through this platform.
I have downloaded your app and have something to say.

  1. Can there be logo or something during the app’s initialization (Presently only a white screen is displayed which I find pretty annoying)

  2. FABs not displayed properly :point_down:

  1. Text is hidden partially (cannot scroll further to reveal the whole text) :point_down:

  2. Presently when we back-press from a screen, first time, an alert is displayed ‘Press again to exit app’ and after that, whenever we back-press again , the app exits. But what if the second back-press was accidental? In this case user may loose the data that he/she has entered and have to start again from the beginning. :open_mouth:
    So what I think is, how about firing a timer after the first back-press for let’s say 5 seconds?
    And within in these 5 seconds if the user again back-press from the screen the app exits else you can again display the alert ‘Press again to exit app’

  3. Also when the tutorial initializes, after we press the Next button, the focus shifts to Account Manager screen, showing the relevant info of that screen.
    But after that the tutorial doesn’t goes forward, no matter wherever we click, and so if we want exit the tutorial, then the only way to do this, is to exit the whole app.

These were some points that I came across during the initial use of your app which again is one of the best app (I don’t know why, but a strange feeling of satisfaction is felt, even while only going through its features and watching how neatly everything is arranged :smile:)

Hope you all these points in a positive way and most importantly Correct me if I am wrong anywhere

The device used is: Asus Zenfone Laser running Android 6.0

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Thank you for the feedback. I will reply in detail later on for each point you have mentioned.
As I have tested on other device only after uploading to store I have found out some points for correcting. Soon a new version will be released with several amendments.
Please be patient…

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Due to several things being carried out on initialization the white screen you mention is being displayed.
The time this is shown relates to how fast each device is. In my device S7 Edge the white screen is shown only a couple of seconds which did not make it that bad.
I will add a logo screen and I hope this will make amends.

I will extend the space between FABs of “Modify records” screen to be relevant to the screen width…
Any idea on what is the best method for this would be welcome…

I have also noticed this issue on my wife’s device (P9 Lite) which has navbar buttons on the screen. In that case the setting to change screen transition animation was not at all visible…
This will be fixed on the next release!

I believe that two sequential clicks are more than enough for exiting …
You can however enable pressing back button to return to home screen in settings as a third click before the count down…

I believe that the issue on the tutorial screen is only present in the home screen… The tutorial should work correctly in other screens…
Please post a screenshot so as for me to understand…
If I however understood correctly then the only workaround is to type less in the specific instruction, or split the text to two steps…

I have also noticed that in my wife’s device there was an issue of creating the folder structure for some of the assets and the exports of the CSV files for the records made and the custom theme…

Can you please confirm that this is also an issue for you because in my device there was no such problem…

It seems that in devices below Android 8 you have to manually give access to permissions…

Hello again @Mr_Blackd
Sorry for the late reply
First of all talking about the back-press click

Sorry I failed to explain you better. I never said to increase the back-press click.
What I said is there shoul

  1. A Clock on each screen having a time interval of approx 5 seconds
  2. Now, whenever a user back- press(first back-press) from a particular screen, timer fires for 5 seconds and alert is displayed ‘Press again to exit
  3. If within these 5 seconds, if the user back-press again (second back-press), then the pp exits
  4. Otherwise, if no back-press is registered within these 5 seconds, then set clock enabled to false


Yes you are right here. The issue is on the first screen only. Tutorials works fine for rest of the screens.


Yes devices running Android 6.0 has the feature to manually deny and accept the permissions. Folder structure seems right to me

First of all I would like to say that there is only one screen with multiple arrangements and there are already several clock components used for various reasons.

Secondly the back press is used for multiple events, more specifically

if sidebar is open then hide sidebar
else if the switch to go back to home screen is enabled in settings is on then go back to home screen
if first click then you get notified that pressing once again you will exit app
else you exit the app (on second click)

so adding an extra component in this routine I believe it is not optimal…

The tutorial problem and the scrolling issues have been fixed and will be available on the next release…
Permissions in devices below android 8.0 have to be given manually so as to make the app operate as intended.
Basically only storage permission is needed…

Finally by reviewing my blocks I found out that I have made the following restriction on creating synopsis reports and charts…
You need to have both income and expenses records in order to display the reports and the charts…

I will probably change this one in one of the upcoming releases, but not in the one that is going to come…

Ok…Got it :slight_smile:

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A new update has been released on the store based on users recommendations, it may take a while to appear as usually…

The item not being yet corrected is related to the FABs in modify screen… some research is required on solving the issue for different screen sizes since I have not used the native components but @Andres_Cotes FAB extension.

Recommendations about clicking back to exit the app have been temporarily not considered.

Several fixes have been made, a detailed list is available on the store.

In future versions you should expect the following:

  • FABs problem resolution (ASAP)
  • Reports and charts for comparison between years (this might be a little late however)

After a long time of developing this app I am about to UNPUBLISH from the store.

I have ported this to another builder and I have made some significant updates in terms of speed and additional features. A new version was released but installation fails…
something has gone wrong with the baking of the apk with a custom package name…

However this has challenged me to re-design the app according to my current experience and knowledge.

For those that you currently use this app you will be able to import all csv files that you have exported in the new app.

Some features will be added and other are going to be removed.
Hope that you will like the new app. You will hear news on time.

Thank you for your patience and support.

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