Text displays OK. Related media file does not play

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I used Airtable for text in three columns.
Then there is an audio file in the fourth column.
Everything works to show the text.
But I can’t find a way to play the audio file.
(See attached file for blocks.)
This can’t be hard, but it is for me!

Any help with this will be appreciated.

So assuming the airtable data type in the column is correct, you try to connect the “value” of the resultant getcell instead of a text to the sound source.

This is the problem. Replace with a value

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Thanks for looking at this.

Data type is correct - MP3.

I think I did what you say.

I uploaded a screenshot of my blocks before, but can’t see how to show you otherwise. (first time)

In the block:
In Spreadsheet 1 call GetCell
Then row (current day of the week)
Column name “Audio lesson” - this contains the audio file

Then do from Sound 1 set source to “Audio lesson”
in Sound 1 Play
with output.

Sorry to bother you.
I am new to all of this.
What value might that be? I only have column headings and audio files in the one headed “Audio lesson”.

Balance_kitchen already point it out… change this to the green box value. drag it from the getcell block.

Replace the text block with the one I put an arrow on

Replaced “audio lesson” with a dragged green value piece.
Live test still gave me text, but no sound.

PS. I have Sound1 as an invisible component on the Design page.

Take a screenshot of the table from Airtable

From airtable cannot extract the file. There was a topic here explaining how to extract a file, but you will have to look for it!

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I looked but nothing came up.
I will get back to you if I find it.

Thanks for your help.

You can’t download the file. Have to play from source. Do this:

tested working on my end.

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Thanks for that.
Did you store your files on Cloudinary to get the URLs?

No, its on airtable. what you will get from the blocks is an object defining the links and size to the mp3 file uploaded in airtable. So you extract the url, and get the sound block to point it as source.

If you want to see the contents of the airtable object, use the block “generate JSON from object” and put ion on a label to understand how it looks like. So in the future you will know how to access data/objects.

Thanks. I will try that, and learn by doing.

That’s exactly what I meant. Thanks @gobassky

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Thanks to you too. I understood this before but never got to doing it. Now I also learned something.

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The complexity of working with data depends on the type of AirTable column. If desired, you can change the column type, which allows you to get the url immediately without any JSON parsing

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