What's the bug?

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I was giving blocks solution to this topic - (to @looovelee )

And I encountered this -

What could be the Problem?

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I do not see anything on such a small video

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Thanks, @actech for reporting :slight_smile:

The video is enlarged now :blush:

Okay, now I see the situation.

I think that such an error will occur when using the unit out of the loop in either purple block, because the location of the output unit of the loop in the purple blocks is incorrect.

Violet blocks are asynchronous and do section can work at any time. For this reason, there is an ambiguity conditions of output unit of the cycle, which is located in this section. Simply put, the unit out of the loop does not depend on the conditions, and from time to time. For example, If the Internet is slow, it is activated 2 seconds, if the Internet fast - in 0.5 seconds. You understand what I’m saying?

I recommend that you be very careful when using the purple block inside the loop, because it can be a constant source of problems if asynchronous blocks are used within loops.

You need to clearly understand the difference between synchronous execution engine blocks of asynchronous and what can happen if they are used in loops.

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Ok, Thanks a lot! :blush:

In my Airtable, I have 3 rows with Audios.
I want to play them all, one by one. (like a playlist)

So, how should I do this?

You need to download a new file at the end of the previous play. You know how to use sound resources load block?


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Sorry, I still can’t get you properly :confused: :pensive:

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Load two short sound effects - sound1 and sound2 to your app and try my example.

The Play section has a section “then do”. Check at what point are executed blocks inside it.