How to add buttons per each records fetch from sheet or airtable

Hi Team,

I am trying to create an Audio Player app with the below requirements. Not sure whether it is possible or not. Please suggest.

1- It should read the audio source link from either from Airtable or from google sheet.
2- The sheet/table will have just 3 columns - Speaker | Topic | Links.
3- One speaker will have multiple Topic rows.
4- For every row - there should be three buttons ( start, pause, stop ) for the audio clips.
6- The link field is only used to source the start button to play/stop. speaker/topic is to display.

Where I am:
1- I tried with a basic layout first, with Topic name | startbtn | pausebtn | stopbtn, and able to display from airtable.
2- I need some help on how to use the table data ( link ) to source for buttons to play/stop audio.
3- Shall I user data source from design or block code?

thank you for reading…!!


Hey @sunil.choudhury1801l - I remember following up with you about this in the Chat too.

How’s this going for you?