SVG diplayed on preview but not on Ios


I have downloaded assets in SVG. it displays correctly on my preview but I downloaded the app on Ios and no image are diplayed. Do you have any ideas ?

SVG as in Scalable Vector Graphics?

Are you trying to view an SVG file in an image component? Can you convert it to a .png or .jpg instead?


Yes it is what I am trying to do. It is a known issue for traditional coding. I founded a way couple months ago for angular but here with thunkable it seems that it is not working.
I will let you know If I find a solution.

You’re right, it works when I preview an .svg file but if I Live Test it in Thunkable Live on my iPhone, it just appears blank.

Here’s a sample demo project that shows this:

You may want to report this as a bug on GitHub:


For me, they are not visualized on Android

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I just ask the support before reporting it as a bug to be sure that there is not something in the SVG itself.

When I coded in ionic I had the issue and when I edited the SVG, suppressed some parameter safari was able to display the SVG.

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I had a response from the support the image is not supporting the SVG format for the moment.
so it is not a “bug” but more a feature request

I will post it soon

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