Canvas does not show after download

hello i’m creating a game with convas and canvas when i download to ios it is just white. does anyone know why this happens?

I think there’s something wrong because I couldn’t get a canvas to appear on my device. And even when previewing the Doughnut Shop project (Thunkable) in Thunkable Live, nothing appears in the canvas. It’s just blank/white:


My iPhone does not like canvas or using uri instead of url in the webviewer

in the live test I can see the entire canvas working but when I install the app nothing appears. I think Thunkable has to look more at these errors before wasting time on new components

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can someone from the Thunkable team help in this situation? How can I use and pay for Pro membership and I don’t have the necessary support?

We are aware of this behavior. We have just resolved this behavior in the iOS companion and are now focusing on the same behavior in downloaded iOS apps.

Posting in the community does not guarantee a response from a Thunkable staff member. This is why we offer unlimited Intercom correspondence to PRO creators.

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I just tested my own app and the Doughnut Game link I posted above and neither is working in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 8. Do you have any suggestions for how to get this to work again? Do I need to download an app update for Thunkable?

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Ah, updating did the trick.

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problem too and that on android the same happens! I will keep my projects on standby. because I can’t even publish in the google play store!

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Same issue here, when i put a sprite or change the background color nothing is displaying. Using Pro version and using live on Samsung S10, S7 and iPhone 6. It is like the canvas is just not there.

Issued was rectified for me by uninstalling and reinstalling the Thunkable live app, My canvas is now visible. :slight_smile:

I have the problem on Preview, Live Test and in Thunkable app. I see the sprite on the canvas. But after I added a row at the top the stage was not visible I can see the border I added to the canvas but not the stage.
Support responds only after two days. Been stuck since last week.