Stripe wont load

Hi guys,

I have a web view to load my PWA application. But when trying to make a payment using Stripe, it does not load a new payment page.

– Structure:
- webview
- cart checkout
- load stripe (open a new browser page) —> error “Sorry, there was a problem loading checkout. If this persists, please try a different browser”

Does anyone have this problem? Can someone help me?

@domhnallohanlon can you help with this problem? It is very important to I buy the pro version, but I need to resolve this first.

Hey @wagnerwillianx6, are you using a Web viewer to load another Thunkable project?

Hey @domhnallohanlon,

No, I used Web viewer do load the PWA application (website). But Stripe open another page to load the payment.

@wagnerwillianx6, where are you planning on publishing this app?

Are you using the Stripe component in Thunkable or did you integrate the API in blocks?

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Apple Store and Google Play

Stripe is integrated into my PWA, I just use web view on Thunkable.

@domhnallohanlon Do you have pro paid support? I really need to solve this issue.