Thunkable webviewer blocked payment page?


It’s working fine on page start but when it goes to the payment page, the thunkable webView can not access it.

I am having the same problem too!

Hello @valentine23407bob :wave:
The screenshot seems to be on Google Chrome and not a Thunkable web viewer. Could you please explain the issue to us and share some screenshots from the Thunkable web viewer?
Is it possible to share more details about the issue that you have?

You’ve got it backwards probably. I’d bet the site you are trying to visit doesn’t work in either iframes, webviewers, or both

Google oauth login is a perfect example where’s you’d run into this issue.

The Chrome browser is being opened within a WebView component, but it is unable to access my WebView payment page. In the “design” part, I have set the WebView to display my URL as a string, and the “blocks” section is left empty, meaning there are no additional programming blocks added. As a result, users can access the initial page, but when they try to proceed to the payment page to deposit money, they encounter a blockage or restriction.

How can you claim that the website is not functioning properly? It likely operates smoothly on the Chrome browser and even within the Android Studio WebView. However, when using “Thunkable,” there seems to be some sort of restriction or blockage occurring.

Hey @valentine23407bob :wave:
Thank you for sharing more information!
It sounds like an issue on the specific website, could you please share the URL so we can test it?

If the site isn’t loading you need to check with the site provider that they are not blocking iframes or wkwebviewers

It’s a common issue

In your screenshot, it appears that you are directing users to the phones browser from within your app, is that correct?

I think part of the issue here is lack of context for us


The website is accessible only in Vietnam and requires a VPN for access.

BTW, Is there a way to configure Thunkable WebView blocks to enable specific settings such as setJavaScripts or overrideLoading similar to Android Studio Java WebView?

I am here to seek assistance in resolving my issues with the Thunkable platform. Please refrain from justifying its shortcomings; I’m looking for solutions, not excuses.

Could you please explain why the same website functions properly with webviews on other platforms such as Kodular and Android Studio, despite your assertion that the site provider is blocking iframes or WKWebviewers?


I couldn’t possibly tell you without knowing more about how the actual website is built and what kind of security they are implementing

Aren’t we all? :thinking:

Really though, there may not be a working solution due to the way that direct component manipulation is obfuscated by the layer noCode and translation slapped on top of the webUI to Json to ReactNative code base.

Not saying a solution doesn’t exist, by it might not. Ya know.

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