Getting errors while trying to use web viewer function, do suggest me

I wanted to open aws cloud web page in my thunkable app,but none of the pages are opening in the app. i had given the correct link in the URL section. I don’t have any clue why this basic function is not working

X-frame blocking perhaps?

This happens with sites hosted on google sites

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have you tried viewing on live test (ie.using the 6 byte connection code), NOT the preview mode.
even a simple block like this works on my android s7!

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hello manyone,yes i did try it also during the test phase.
i have added the same blocks u have put up.still i get to see only the error page.
i had also checked my internet connection too. it was fine.

hello there, Then how do u suggest me to do it?
should i get a pro plan?
do suggest me.

have you tried other sites in the block i sent you? have you ever made a successful call to any url via webview? if not, then maybe your provide allows you to make DIRECT connect url’s but not through another package (like in this case, askng thunkable to make the connection). i’m just guessing.

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You shouldn’t need a PRO plan. Try this out

can you see the live app here? if so, try to remix the app without making any changes.

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yes,i tiried altering the same google webpage in the URL section.
None of the webpage URL seems to work.

I seem to be seeing the same thing too with Google @immanuelkp29794, but only on Web Testing. When I live test this on my phone it works fine for me

When I open, it works on live test and web test.

Just out of curiosity, why would you need to display Google in your app?

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hello sir, i have tried it live testing all ways…through web…through thunkable app emulator also.
i actually wanted to open aws cloud…but it wasn’t opening, so that’s the reason i thought of opening atleast google,even that was showing error.

hello sir,i got the webpage working only when i downloaded and installed the apk on my android device. Any way that’s fine with me. thanks for the tips :slight_smile: