Error while connecting a website in web veiwer component of our app

Hi there,
We have been developing an application which has an entertainment space which when clicked on will open official websites of different applications such as netflix , amazon prime video, disney+hotstar etc. However, when we entered the url and live tested it , its showing an error which says it refused to connect. We checked if the url was correct and tried different times but with same error as result. Pls do help

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Which Url you used?

You’ll need to post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using. A screenshot of the error would also be useful.

We used the official website url of amazon prime, Netflix and hotstar, we are sure the url is correct , is it that some url’s are blocked by the website from connecting or something else?

actually those websites are secured websites so thunkable webviewer cant open it

and i think it looks like this -

yes , so how to add those? do we need their permission or something?

is there any other way to add such websites in your applications without webviewer

This article by @jane explains the issue:

What is the CORS policy affecting my web app? | Thunkable Help Center

So should we use a web api or webviewer and test it in our android or ios device.I did get what CORS policy is but how would i add a webpage to our application because I am a total beginner at it and just beginning to learn it all.

Right now, you will not be able to use those websites in you deployed web app. It is a known limitation.

Okay so I can view it in my android or ios device right?

I have found CORS policies do not affect android and iOS apps.

Thanks a lot for the help