WebViewer in thunkable cross platform not working on android

Hi Guy’s

I seem to be having a problem with WebViewer. The problem is in the cross platform version of Thunkable.

Webviewer will not load the page/url regardless of how i set it up, problematically via blocks or in the UI Thunkable component settings. All i get is a blank container when running the app on a Note5 android device.

Is the WebViewr component is even functional in the new cross platform version of Thunkable?.. i also noticed it is missing some important properties like “goto url” etc.

thanks for your help.


Web Viewer is a working component. Its functionality is somewhat different from the functionality of an external browser, but I have not seen any major problems in its operation. On iOS in Web Viewer, you can open the html-file loaded in the project and various resources via the http, https, etc. protocol. Javascript in the url is not supported and it is impossible to launch applications installed on the phone from WebViewer. But with the help of the “link to” block, you can open an external browser or application using a deep link.

It’s very strange that you can not open the page in the Web Viewer. If you give me a link to your project, then I can look at the problem. Also I can look at the error log on Android.