#HELP - Webviewer loads content but won't scroll or pinch zoom!

Hey, I’m just getting started on a very basic webviewer app to display a live taplist for a pub. I have manually created a webviewer shell using another tool, but I need cross platform distribution so I have come to Thunkable. I’m using a tutorial to create a brand screen on screen1 which then loads screen2 which has a webviewer directing to a responsive taplist. No matter what I do I can’t scroll or pinch zoom in the webviewer. The video tutorial(which is for classic) shows these features working automatically.

Screen 1 literally only has a logo in the background and blocks to navigate to screen2 after a 4000ms timer fires, this seems to work just fine.(I need the extra second to load the image heavy taplist) The app fades in just fine on load, counts down on the brand screen, then navs to screen 2 and the webviewer already has the top of the page ready to go, but all I can see is the first screen worth of content and this is a very long list.

The same thing happens when I use Live preview or if I download the APK to test.

Eventually Screen2 will also have a button to force refresh the taplist(pretty sure I know how to make that work) and that is literally the end of the app.


You can include additional functionality for WebViewer using properties on the Advanced tab. If you give me a link to your project, I will try to help you.

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It says I can’t PM you. I’m confused though, was basic navigation functionality removed when they moved from Classic into the current Thunkable environment?

Can not you send me a link to the application? This is strange.


Thunkable X is a new development environment, not a Thunkable Classic extension. Therefore Thunkable X has a different functionality.

I can share the link, but I can’t PM it

So is there a tutorial on how to get navigation going in webviewer for thunkable x?

Navigation in Thunkable X WebViewer yet, but you can do something like this