Webviewer url problem

Hi everyone,
This is Max. I just started to do some experiments with Cross platform. I simply use a webviewer and Uploaded an HTML file. Bu in live testing, it shows error. I check the “Documentation” for webviewer that mentioned “Use only name of HTML file” but it’s not working at all. I understand that it is differ from Classic Thunkable or MIT that I use Taifun tools. Can somebudy tell me how to do it.

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You can check same issue…

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It seems they released Thunkable X too early before fix it properly.
Anyway, I will be happy if someone solve such a basic problem.


Hi @Max_Jahan, you can help us out by sharing your project so we can take a closer look.


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Well I can’t call it project. I just did an simple experiment. I used a web viewer component. I uploaded an html file. That’s it. I use your “documentation” as a guide to know how should I set the url of web viewer. And I did.
You can see the screen shots in my first post.
I have an android device (note 9). As I mentioned before, I know how to use web viewer in thunkable classic. But in Cross platform seems different.
Thanks anyway.

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Yep, Thunkable X is a completely different platform.

What do you mean by “documentation”? Do a have a link to the guide you used please?

Does your HTML rely on any external resources, such as scripts or stylesheets?

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Sorry for late reply.
By saying “documentation” is I mean thunkable X docs: https://docs.thunkable.com/
Where you mentioned for setting url of web viewer that we can upload an html file name only.
Regarding your second question, well, I didn’t get your point. I simply used an html editor and made a simple text(Lorem ipsum…) but in html format. Then I uploaded. But when I set the url to the name of my html file, it gave error on “thunkable live” and as you can see a scree shot of my mobile in the first post.

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I have a similar problem that looks like this.

  1. Create a new project and add WebViewer to screen.
  2. I just add to app a html file of the “hello world” type called test.html.
  3. I specify in WebViewer.URL = test.html properties.

I launch Live on iOS - everything works great. I launch Live on Android - an error appears at the very top of the discussion - net :: ERR_ACCESS_DENIED

There was no such error 2-3 months ago, but now it is, as reported by some users.


This is exactly what I faced in my android device.

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Hi Max! Thanks for getting in touch on the stream. There are other users experiencing the same issue, so we’ll look into this and see what kind of solution we can find!
In the meantime, you can share your project with myself or @domhnallohanlon by private message and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

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Dear Jane,
Thanks for your follow up and sorry for a late reply. I just start to have a some experiment on your X platform which I was waiting for it for years!
To begin with I am a medical Doctor who has some computer knowledge! I have some successful educational apps on google play and I really like to have a IOS version of them. As I am good in making well-design responsive websites! I usually use a web viewer and then make some html and css files. Then I upload them in my app and link them in the Web Viewer.

In thunkable X, I stuck in the first step!
If you see my first post, I add some screen shot. I upload a simple HTML file. In platform you can see the html file but in live testing, there is an error. I hope to hear from you soon regarding fixing this issue.
By the way, I love thunkable X concept. It is one the most innovative platform that I ever work with.

Hi Max,

It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the platform!
The problem with displaying HTML files in a Thunkable X app is definitely an issue on our end, it doesn’t reflect anything about your skill level!
The engineers know about this and we’re working on fixing it.
In the meantime, would you be interested in checking out our YouTube channel to see what else you can do with Thunkable?


Thank you for you following up. I am sure it’s not a big issue at all.
Speaking of your YouTube Channel, I have to say it’s my ritual to watch them every day. Specially those about using APIs. I asked many questions in the comments of videos and eagerly waiting for a reply from the lady (sorry I didn’t catch her name!) who made those videos. Would you please ask her to check the comments under her videos?


Of course! But it’s easier to get our attention here in the Community or over Intercom :smile:

:+1: Sure.
Well I asked here to clarify something in her videos. But you are right.
I will open new topic soon regarding using APIs that I really interested to learn about them.
Thanks again

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We are facing the same problem Please if your problem been solved let me know…

This problem has not been solved until now. In the case of Android, try to upload HTML data from your page to WebViewer using the data URI.

How can i do please explain more…


I draw your attention to the fact that the data URI protocol works in Live, but does not work in an iOS-installed application.

Kind of same problem.

When i go in the web viewer I can see my page. I do the login and nothing change.

I have this issue only on Table iOS and for this my app release is rejected by the Apple team.

Do you have any update? When it will work again in the right way?

Thanks, Francesco