Thunkable X - local path for WebViewer for Android

I think that Thunkable it is a great tool.

I have to admit that being new to Thunkable for me is confusing to look for information in several areas on the same search (Thunkable X, Thunkable Classic).

**Anyway, I have a HTML file that contains some text and some CSS customizations. **
For iOS, live or .ipa, it is perfect, but for Android, equal live or apk it shows only a blank (white) page.

Using this solution file:///android_asset/file.html there is no changes for Android and from here WebViewer is Blank (seeing White screen) in IOS App at iPhone (not Live) I don’t have a clear solution.

Can someone give me support with this issue?
Thank you.


Unfortunately, there are really problems with displaying data in WebViewer - a blank screen and more. I see the solution in determining the platform using the block and using other blocks for Android. For example, for iOS, use the file from asset, and for Android create html-code using the data: protocol.

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Thank you.
If this is functional, it is ok. Sounds like your solution for local images.

What type of component should I use, or how to insert the html-code in the screen?

On the scrHtml and scrCanvas screens, you will find examples:

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Thank you.
I know your demo and it is amazing.
I was testing and it is functional also like this:

Is the string after base64 the coded text?

And it is functional.
I have no idea with large or complex files but Hello World! it is full functional. So it should be ok.

The output for complex files e.g. a gallery HTML + CSS it is not as it should be.

The output from this:

It is identical with the output from your solution:

Maybe some tags/values from CSS are not recognized and is functional only for not so complex files.

Yes. The encoding may not interpret tags with values like %.
Replacing % with px, bring the right result.

You are right, I noticed the strangeness in the work of data: in WebViewer compared with the work of similar code in an external browser. I like the idea of ​​coding, but recently it turned out that data: is an undocumented feature and is not required to work in iOS-installed applications. Frankly, this message from Mark surprised me.

What message?

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Ok. Thank you.

The % it is ok in the HTML body, but not in the CSS area, for encoding.
I know it is out of the subject, but do you know a functional way to have the sound in background?

Thank you.

As far as I know, there is no such possibility in Thunkable X. I myself would be happy to listen to Internet radio in background.

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Thank you!