Thunkable X - local path for WebViewer for Android

how do we call the filename is there any asset//:filename in the url or how?

just put asset name

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ok it worked but basic math functions in the html wont work why?

this is the link to the html code in w3schools


Need to check with a quick project and see if it works on my side.


It’s impossible to call assets within the html page from the phone

You need to do this via cdn

I tried your html file after adding it in my project and this is the view from my phone

Can you clearly point out what is wrong?

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@muneer Normally in w3schools html editor and viewer when you input a number in those text input boxes, the recommend sample size is supposed to change. But in thunkable it does not.

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Please explain futher i’m a novice

Will check and come back to you about the changes that should take place in the html page.

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Just made a quick test. It seems there is a problem preventing the JavaScript functions to run from the asset file.

However, if you run the same HTML from a URL it runs file.

I uploaded your file to a DTW folder

And changed the URL of the Web Viewer to this URL and it worked OK.

Please check it this way and let me know.

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It’s Is possible to access assets with the webviewer like that at this time. You must use a cdn or other way to bring in external files.


You can include the code in your HTML file.

Ok thanks

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Thanks sir, it works perfectly now

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