Web viewer of thunkable cannot display google site url

Why Web viewer of thunkable cannot display/preview/live test google site url?

Hey @ashley.rajubny Have you tried to download and install your app?


yes, thunkable cannot display google site url

Post a screenshot of your blocks in the Blocks tab or the Web Viewer url property field in the Design tab. Wherever it is that you’re assigning a url value.

That’s the web preview. What does it look like in Thunkable Live on a mobile device?

That is because Google has a Cross-Origin Redirect Policy that stops web viewers from viewing them. The website will still work on the app.

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Hi there,

This is indeed caused by the Cross-Origin Redirect Policy, or CORS Policy.

You can read more about this here: What is the CORS policy affecting my web app? | Thunkable Help Center

This website will display if you live test or download and install your app on a device.


nothing, just a white screen