WebViewer not Displaying on Web

I’m having some trouble getting the WebViewer component to display sites other than thunkable.com in the web preview. The viewer works for thunkable.com on the web preview and web live test, but other sites do not. Other sites load correctly on Android Live Test, just not the web.

The demonstration project below contains 2 WebViewers. The only properties I changed for the defaults for the webviewers were:

  1. Borders
  2. URL
  3. Height 50%

I changed none of the properties for the screen.

This is the production system (ie not the beta drag and drop).

Although in this demonstration I have 2 webviewers, the issue is present even if there is just one.

Is this a known issue? Do I need to change a magical setting somewhere?

Live Test Android



Remixable Project


@drted You have used 2 web viewer?


Yes, there are 2 web viewers. The problem occurs even if there is only one webviewer. I’ve edited the post to clarify.

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Hi there,

This is known behavior, we do make a note of this in our Web Viewer docs.

You seem to be using Google to test this out. Google sites are known to have certain security requirements that make them incompatible with the Web Viewer when Live Testing your app.

You may have to download and install your app in order to see this web page.


As a pro member, I wanted to publish a web app.

It sounds like that won’t be possible for the sites I wanted to include.

Thanks for the update.

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