Web Viewer shows a thin vertical line

I updated my app in December of 2023 with no issues. Last week I started a new update and noticed that the web viewer component does not seem to be working correctly.
My current published app, the web viewer component works perfectly as in the screen shot below.

My update in the Thunkable app, it looks like this.

Here are the blocks for the web viewer, I have not changed them.

It worked in the Thunkable app in December and now it doesn’t work. I have no idea where to start looking to solve this.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you able to share the full url you’re using?


There are 2 places that the Web viewer is used. In the Menu, click Create a Layout, scroll down until you see the Create a Layout button, press it. When the View Layout button is available, press it. This next screen uses the Web Viewer and should fetch a graphic from my website. The other location of the web viewer is in the Menu, scroll down to FAQ, click it. This screen is supposed to fetch the FAQ page off the website. In the Thunkable Live app the web viewer returns a line vertical line. When I download the project to Android and run it, the same issue appears.

Thanks. I meant the url you’re using in the Web Viewer.


This is the URL being used:


It should return this graphic

Thanks. Does the problem still happen if you create a standalone screen (not in a navigator) with just a Web Viewer and no code blocks?

Can you post a different link for your project since I wasn’t able to open it?

I can view that url just fine in a Web Viewer but I’m using Thunkable Live on an iPhone 13 Pro.

Yes, same problem happens.

Here’s the public url for the project. Thunkable

Can you post the standalone screen project link? I’m guessing Thunkable Support will want to see that.