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I know there have been other discussions on this subject be I cant find anyone who has solved it and provided a full, working solution. My issue is as follows.

I am building an app which I plan to publish as a web app after turning Thunkable Pro. Before I pay the money I want to reasonably sure it will work. So I have an app which eventually calls a web page which I use to input data into an online MS Access database. When I preview the app using the preview button in Thunkable, I get the cloud image and a message saying www.848cars.com refused to connect. When I use the live test button, also on the Thunakable page I get the same result and also when I try the “responsive web” preview. I also saw the same thing on my phone.

However I am lucky enough to own the website I am trying to connect to and also have full access to the Windows server it runs on. I noted that turning off the Windows Firewall on my server allowed my phone to display the web page I wanted but all of the other display options remained unchanged and unworking. Thats the preview and the live test options available via the Thunkable webpage.

I would point out the URL I am using does not start with https://. It starts http://

I have questions.

  1. Has anyone really solved these refused to connect issues and if so, how?
  2. What port is used by Thunkable when it tries to connect and is it the same port as used by IOS when I run the app on my phone?
  3. Using http:// it should use port 80 or 8080. Is this right or has someone hard coded 443?

I am keen to “turn pro” and publish this web app for my customer but as it doesnt appear to work in the webpage preview I am reluctant to take a chance on it until I understand the reason for this problem. Many people have commented on this in the past but as I said above, I havent seen a solution yet.

Link to my project is here.
Link removed as people are copying API keys.

THanks all. I look forward to your comments.

First of all, I’m not an expert at Thunkable. I have tried the live test of your project on my Android Phone, and it’s work. I didn’t get that refused to connect issues.

I think you should try testing the app on Thunkable Live Android Version, because sometimes the Android/iOS Thunkable Live have different bugs/errors.

Hi knndrs. Thanks for checking this for me. Yes I think this works on devices of either flavour. I would like this to work on the responsive web page as I want to publish this as a web app but currently I have no proof this will work. @thunkablestaff, is there any information on ports used or why this works on phones and tablets but not on your own test systems?

use emulators

That’s not really the point is it. I want to prove that the app I have built will work as a published web app when I pay the money. Currently the only proof I have is that it wont work on the platform I need it to.

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@thunkablestaff. I have solved the issue of websites not displaying in the webviewer component. It would appear that https or port 443 is hard coded into the request used by the viewers on the thunkable web page and companion but the programmed protocol is used on devices. I found this out by enabling https on my webserver and now everything works as it should.

Do you think this should be corrected so that previews and tests use the protocol as defined by the author in ALL cases? Interested to hear a reply from anyone!

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do you mean then that setting the URL to https://thunkable.com will actually result in trying to connect to https://https://thunkable.com @rwplummer1yf4f?

Hi. No not exactly. If you specify http://thunkable.com, without the s, the previewer and live tester apps built into the thunkable webpage will still use https and go to https://thunkable.com. Unless the website is configured to accept connections on port 443 and https, these testing tools will never work.



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Hello. I keep getting this app refuses to connect…
Check Screenshot below

Please how do i fix this

Websites sometimes do not load on the browser preview, you have to install the application in order to test it.

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Yes, when testing the webviewer, be sure to use Thunkable Live on a mobile device.

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