Cannot Embed the web app to my website

is anyway to embed the web app to personal website?
cause it seem thunkable’s already blocked it by policy

Are you using Publish To Web option?

Yes, @Garry_Lane,

I published to web version, and embedded to website.

When you say embedded, do you mean that you created a button and hyperlinked it with your PWA link?
Try using chrome browser. Or try this

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Yes @Garry_Lane
I knew it work on chrome, but cannot ask my audience to install addon or using chrome only right?
And it won’t work on mobile web too.
And I think it must be configured from thunkable ^^

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I believe they are working on this. I think I saw a post from @domhnallohanlon

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Thanks FYI @jared,

Looking forward to their update,
I upgraded to Pro because this, I want to embed the web apps to website ^^

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Samsies :joy::joy:I want to embed on my blog!

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Haha yeah yeah, I want to build a Thunkable Community in Vietnam, that’s why I’m making blog and YouTube tutorials with local language ^^