[Solved] Can I embed a Thunkable web app inside a Thunkable native app?

Hi! To create a Thunkable web-app in modules I would like to know if it is possible use Web Viewer block to embed a web-app Thunkable inside other Thunkable app, and use the existing blocks to communicate between these apps.

I did an experiment, but it didn’t work out yet.

“Master” app

Embedded app

In the embedded app, I searched but did not find a event “Any Screen ” and a function “in Screen call message ”. I try a “workaround” using the an “nonexistent” component Webviewer to send and receive messages to/from the de “master app”. Didn´t work.

I also thought about not using the Webview component, and making a redirect from one web-app (master app) to another (module app) passing parameters. But I don’t know how I could pass parameters during the redirection. Can a Thunkable web-app identify any device IDs? If this is possible, I can use Firebase to communicate between the two apps.

Is there a way to do whats i am trying?

I really appreciate if I can receive help. Thanks!!!

Carlos Somaggio

Hi @caminostudio,

As of now, Thunkable Web Apps cannot be embedded.

Hope this helps, Eoin.


Could you just use this approach instead and skip the app-inside-an-app approach altogether?

@eoinparkinson @domhnallohanlon Thanks for the answers. I am trying to build all apps / webpages with Thunkable. :slight_smile: The educational games I am prototyping has different and simple formats / templates. I was trying to put it in a single app (web-app). So I am trying to create the system with a structure in modules (multi apps). All this using Thunlable only. This approach may not be possible. I will try to change.

Thanks my friends!

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I was wondering if you know if there are any plans to make it so that Web Apps can be embedded?

Specifically I want to be able to embed in my Wix website.

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Thunkable now offers to run web apps inside an iframe element which can be run from any site that you can edit the html form and embed the web app in. See the refrence.

Thanks @muneer for your help.
I was able to embed the app on my site using ifram however the layout is as a ‘mobile webapp’.
I want it to be a Responsive Webapp. Do you know if that’s possible?

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The iframe option only supports the mobile view at the moment.

Thanks for letting me know!

Hi @carlinmclellan! I hope that soon Thunakble will allow the embedded responsive web apps. Check out a chat on this topic on Thunkable’s Github with WeiHua Li (Thunkable CTO): https://github.com/thunkable/thunkable-issues/issues/486. Ask for this on Github too!