Options in iframes for web apps

Recently, iframes have been enabled to insert web apps on our websites and thus modify the domain name of those who use our apps.

Unfortunately when using this function, thunkable forces the view “Mobile web app” even though the app had been published as “Responsive web app”, which does not give the freedom for the application to be displayed in the best way.

Solution: Is it possible that when I insert the web application into the iframe, it runs as we published it? Either as a mobile web app or responsive web app?

I need to publish webapps without the box and the “thunkable powered” ad as paying for the PRO subscription should not advertise thunkable in our published apps.

If we don’t insert them in the iframe, thunkable appears in the navigation url. And if we insert the app in iframe, the thunkable credits appear in the same way. It is something that one does not expect to find in a PRO subscription.

responsive web app published (without iframe):

Responsive web app published (with iframe):

mobile webapp published (without iframe):

mobile webapp published (with iframe):

Perhaps there is a solution to this and I do not know it.

If so, please tell me how you managed to insert your webapps without the gray frame inserted by thunkable.


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I believe there is no option - you will always have the dark gray frame on responsive web apps.

Anyways, you can adjust and fix your design in Thunkable so it formats correctly in the web app.

if you publish the app from thunkable, it is not published with the framework when you access it from a mobile. As seen in the posted image.

On the other hand, if that same link is inserted as an iframe, it is shown with the framework and the thunkable advertising, if the application was published as resposiva, it will be shown as mobile.

@fredyfernando , I fully agree with you. Webapps are very convenient for us but the iframe implementation is really not what we wanted. Yes, it hides the thunkable domain name from address bar, But introduced two more issues you highlighted. 1) the “created by thunkable” banner at the bottom, and 2) only the mobile webapp version is available. cannot have the responsive webapp function. To me this is as good as useless.

And YES, we don’t expect this from a pro account. (Considering the annual fees for Pro have increased on yearly basis)


I totally agree, the created by Thunkable should not be available at all as we are paying for it and it’s not FREE.


Is there any feedback on this?

I’ve now hit a roadblock due to this issue, the next best solution will be a tablet view rather than mobile.