Are web Apps white labeled?

I have some questions about web apps.

Can web apps be published on a custom domain?

If we use iframe, is the web app white labelled? Some topics in the forum say when you use iframe, there is a “made by thunkable” slogan/logo on it.

I think Thunkable needs to be transparent on their pricing. I mean no-one wants to pay for a service that says “made by thunkable”. If its not mentioned in your pricing then it should be white labeled. Can you please clarify. Thanks.

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Welcome @kpm

This only happens if you publish your web app for mobile (Publish as a Web App (PRO) - Thunkable Docs)

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply.

So responsive web apps are white labelled?

And to be able to publish a responsive web app we have to choose the $200/month business plan? correct?


Responsive web apps will have thunkable in the URL e.g. name

For the payment you can change the subscription you want e.g. pro or business.

In short,
If you run the web app from your custom domain, you will get made with Thunkable or if you run it directly from the original site then your users will see that it is run from Thunkable website.

Both ways you have a Thunkable mark showing somewhere.

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Web apps can be white labeled when you are on a Business subscription.

check this very simple example i made to demonstrate this

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