Can the mobile Web App of a STP project be published on a custom domain/subdomain?

Hello everyone, I am currently on the PRO plan and have a STP (snap-to-place) project which I am planning to publish as a web app on my website, on a custom subdomain (eg. Here’s what the Publish Web App dialog looks like for the project (currently mobile web app is published) -


In the Thunkable Docs, only the Drag&Drop version of the web app article has a wiki on publishing to a custom domain (Publish as a Web App - Thunkable Docs), the snap-to-place version doesn’t. I wanted to know if I can properly publish my project’s web app to my custom domain/subdomain, without having to convert my project from STP to DnD?

Or is my only option to embed an iframe of the webapp on my webpage (Publish as a Web App (PRO) - Thunkable Docs)?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks… :slight_smile:

Hello @kartik14,
Thank you for explaining your situation.
At the moment, publishing a web app to a custom domain is available to Business and Teams/Enterprise users in both DnD and StP. As a pro user, you have the embed option.

Hi @ioannis ! Thank you for responding. No worries there… I have two questions, one is I am seeing a powered by thunkable signature below the iframe (if i scroll down a bit) and the second one what should the dimensions be of the iframe if I want the app to look full page?

At the moment I’ve tried this,
<iframe src="" title="WebApp" height = 1000 width = 650 frameBorder="0"></iframe>

Which looks like -

Even if I manage to make the app look full page (by adjusting the dimensions of the iframe), it would look like we’re viewing a responsive web app in desktop mode. Whereas the version looks nice and clean, unlike the custom-hosted iframe one.

Is there any way I can remove the signature, and make my app look like it is on the page? Thanks!

Hello @kartik14,
I understand your concern but at the moment I am not aware of a workaround to do what you are asking. I will investigate further and if I found a solution, I will follow up here.

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