Stripe Payment is Missing in Components

I never seen the stripe in component what happen? I can’t add it in my app and transact an transaction.

Had problems with him so they decided to remove him

So have they another alternatives to replace on it so that we have payment component on the app which has a payment transaction like booking or reservations for simple app? thank you

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be an alternative any time soon.

All the app with payment were gone.

Hi there,

Stripe has an API that can be used with our Web API component.

We will be releasing a sample app that implements this API soon.



Hi Jane and you can use Stripe on IOS and Android? would they let us to use? wouldn’t us avoiding the commission of IOS and Google in-app billing?

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Hi @jane I hoping that there is API for Paypal I would rather use this payment module. Thanks!

Hi there,

If you are wondering if any given service has an API, I would recommend searching “[service name] API” on the internet.

In the case of PayPal, they do have an API.



Hi @jane I read this everything
but still I dont know what is the code for the web api. This still bother in my mind to get the code and put in the web api I have the API key but when deploying it nothing happens.

The reason we recommend the Stripe API is because the PayPal API is more complicated to implement.

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Okay @jane I understand.


Hi jane, it is possible for a little example of how to use the stripe API ?

Nvm, patiencie on us … in the youtube channel of thunkable there are tutorials… i’m working on a stripe payment if I make it ill shared the app and codes