Does Thunkable have plans to get another partnership similar to Stripe? (square, paypal, etc)

Curious if there are plans in the works for a replacement for Stripe. Some kind of payment processing partnership???

I don’t think so. Apple is the reason the Stripe component was removed because too many apps got blanket bans from their store due to Apple’s insistence that Apple Pay be used and not Stripe for In-App Purchases. This delayed the development of our app StartShare which collects payment for real orders, not In-App Content. We used this guide from Thunkable community member @Daniel_Coglitore as a reference to help us integrate Stripe for payments: Understanding Stripe API

Big thanks to Daniel, his tutorial works quite well. As a Thunkable PRO subscriber, our development team was saddened to see the component go, but Thunkable had no choice, no thanks to Apple. However, the community here is full of helpful tutorials for integrating APIs.

There’s no guide to integrating a PayPal API on here yet (we’ve tried for payouts, but without much success, and we’re experienced with using APIs), but we’re actively looking for ways to integrate the API in Thunkable.


Were you able to get a PayPal integration accomplished?