Can the stripe component be used and accepted by Apple's Appstore?

Hello Thunkers!

Can the stripe component be used and accepted by Apple’s Appstore? Won’t they complain about it?

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Thank you for the attention (:

Hey @vba,

I haven’t tried this myself yet actually, but I think it should be fine?

The Stripe API can be integrated into iOS apps any way, for sure.

Is there any particular reason why you think this might be an issue?

Because I’ve seen this thread about “hidden external payment mechanism” and the reason Apple sent mentioned Stripe SDK.

Another doubt that I have is, if I compile and publish my app on a pro plan, I will enjoy the Thunkable Pro fee, which waives off Thunkable’s 2% fee that is applied on freely generated apps.
If after, let’s say 6 months, I cancel my Thunkable Pro subscription, will that 2% start to be applied on the payments I process via Stripe component?

And thank you for creating Thunkable, you’re the best visual native app builder out there!

Hey @vba,

We’re you talking with us about this in the Chat Support today too?

Did Apple send you an email about you app?

If you publish as a PRO user you will still have the 0% rate, however, if you want to update your app at a later date you’ll need to decide between higher commission or paying for another monthly membership at that point.

Hope that makes sense.

No, not me.

I was talking about that thread’s OP’s app.

Great! Exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you!

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