Has Stripe payment component been removed from thunkable x?

I cannot access stripe payment component anymore as it does not seem to exist.

Has it been removed? If so, why?

I was building an app which will accept stripe payments as part of it but stripe is no longer available.
Can someone from the thunkable team confirm this?


there was some issues with stripe maybe they disabled for now while they fix it …

I think IOS was rejecting the apps for using external payment

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Thanks for your response.

Just came across this discussion in the below thread:

Any info on how long they might take to fix it?

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Hi there,

As both yourself and @Daniel_Coglitore reasoned, the Stripe component was removed because it was preventing Thunkers from publishing their apps. And these apps didn’t even have a Stripe component in the first place!

Because so many apps were at risk of being affected, and comparatively few apps actually use the Stripe component, we decided the best thing to do would be to remove the component until we could resolve this behavior.

There isn’t an expected date for the Stripe component to be restored, but it is something that we are working on.


Anyway, it was not supported here (India) :sweat_smile:
Also it’s charges were too high…

[Personal opinion. please do not mind :slight_smile:]

Is there any update on adding the Stripe component back in? I have designed an app thinking this functionality will be available and need it before launch.

Is there anyone else that has found a smooth workaround for taking payments (to sign up for a subscription service for renting a physical items for example)?

Im also implementing a payment to my app when i’m finished ,

going to try this
Understanding Stripe API already tried and it works but i haven’t tried yet on producing

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Thank you @Daniel_Coglitore! I will give that a try when I get to implementing the payment functionality.

Hey, did u manage to use Stripe in the end ? Or apple is still flagging it as dangerous ?

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Hey @wikilinks.infooleua0

We’re in the process of adding more Apple and Apple-compatible features at the moment, watch this space!

What sort of app are you building and what type of payments do you want to set up?



I am planning an app which may have a section with payed content. At first sight I thought about using stripe, but this component got removed. I understand this decision, because apple and google want to divert the cash flow into their own accounts. That said I am willing to use the mechanisms of Apple and Google. Is there a way to do that? I want to:

  • deliver my app in the two app stores (A&G) for free
  • a user, who wants to pay eventually for the content, should pay it inside his preferred store. But how? Are there ways to do that with ThunkableX?

I do not necessarily need stripe, but a way to sell my content, for Apple and Google based systems.

You should be able to charge via the app stores, no?

hmmm, I do not know how to differentiate the users. Let’s say I start with an app, that is free for use. Later a user decides to buy a feature or a content. How do I know this inside my app?

I want to know in my app “if user XXX has bought YYY then show screen ZZZ”. Or is there a better way to do that?

Sure, manually. If you got sign up for a subscription service. Then manually (or find a no code option) enter your users email into firebase/airtable. The app could check everyone it opens if the users email had been added to that list.

No, I mean is there a way that Google/Apple handles the monetization for me? There are many apps out there with “in app purchase” or so. Can this be handled by G&A or do I have to control it by myself?

you should be able to do this yourself if you set up the API and the logic behind the system.

not that it’s easy. but it should be doable


I am also creating in-app payment feature using Web API, and I created a stripe account, but it seems really complicated. Do you have a formal instruction for a stripe Web API that I can use as an example to integrate it into Thunkable app?

For instance, I am reading over Stripe API reference and it talks about CocoaPods, but do I really have to start from there?

Here is an example of Stripe API call that works. All you need is to add your Stripe secret test or prod key as an object to the API request headers. Prefix your key with the text "Bearer ".

I copied the request from the very useful Daniel_Coglitore post Understanding Stripe API

Thanks Daniel.

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Ok but. With fortnight being pulled from the AppStore’s cause they bypassed Apple and Android pay, can we still distribute in their stores If we do something like this?

@domhnallohanlon @jane @wei

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Fortunately we don’t have to play with the Apples or Androids rules because there are many other sites that can host apps. I have not studied the sites but I will if I get rejected by Apple. Here is a good link: https://www.mobileappdaily.com/app-stores-list