[Solved] Stripe Pay - Where did it go?

I remember seeing projects that included the stripe payment feature, but it is no longer available?

What happened.

Hi @eoinparkinson,

We decided to retire this component a few months ago to give Thunkers a better publishing experience.

Sorry about that, but the good news is we will be replacing it with an in-app-purchases component in the not too distant future!


Oh! That sucks. In app purchases sounds really cool. Can’t wait to see something like this back in Thunkable.

Thanks for the clarification @domhnallohanlon


No problem Eoin.

Hopefully you can continue creating and promoting your project and then monetise later on when this component is released!


Any news on In app payments?

Keep a eye in Release Notes. There is a lot more to come before this feature. But keep checking the link previously stated

kept me eye on release notes for the better part of a year and… No mention of this feature or something similar anywhere in sight… :frowning:

Yeah, same.

Same :frowning:

Looking forward to this! :blush::+1:

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Can I have a paypal button or something similar in the app?

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It’s not difficult to integrate paypal or any other external payment processor by using Openlink block to navigate to Payment API. But Google will remove your app if you don’t use Google Pay. Not sure if Apple Store will approve external Payment processing either. This is because they charge their commissions too. We’ll love to see Google Pay blocks and Apple Stores payment blocks here.

Apple and Google only charge for in app purchases (thus the entire dilemma with Fortnite). Amazon doesn’t pay a penny to Apple or Google for their purchases. If you’re selling digital goods that do not benefit the users experience on the app (any sort of e-commerce shop), then you won’t have any issues.

Spotify pays 30% to Apple, but again to emphasise the point, if you’re not selling app improvements or something like removing ads, then you will not have any trouble.

However we would all like to see in app payments.

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Thanks for helping clarify so, apps like just eat that take a commission on the in app sell, are ok for google, right?

cause that is like my app would do, and therefore i’d need this

It’s not so much how you do the payment, but more what the payment does. Spotify get charged 30% because it’s an app upgrade, whereas just eat is physical goods (food), just like Amazon, and so they avoid the 30%.

Imagine I am a user of your app, if I pay €5 or something like this what happens? Am I purchasing digital or physical goods from you or am I receiving an app upgrade such as no ads.

Check the release notes. Thunkable added a new component “in-app purchases”. Waiting to see it in the production system

[See the topic I created](http://community.thunkable.com/t/in-app-purchases-coming-soon/986830/2)

I am waiting for the new in-app purchase component. No offence but, I will leave Thunkable if there’s no component like this in the next few months.

what are you looking to use in-app purchases for? you may be able to use an external solution such as stripe checkouts.


You see, I am an author. So I am trying to sell my books through my app.

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Are these books listed in Google Read?
Or a digital service affiliated with Google

In-App purchase is for purchasing digital data (mostly) that is listed with Google. If you are selling books of your own then you are good using a payment service such as Stipe.