Monetization - Payment - Stripe issue connecting account

Hello, thank you for any feedback.

I followed the Thunkable Docs to set up payment for Thunkable X.

I got to this step: “The Stripe Account ID is a unique account level ID that you retrieve by connecting your Stripe account to Thunkable. Make sure you are logged into your Stripe account and then visit BOTH and and click the buttons below”

I am given my Stripe Account ID.

But… I do not see Thunkable added to my Stripe Dashboard. “You should see the following on your Stripe dashboard if your connections were successful”

I do not even have the “Applications” option under “Connect”.

Do I have to wait longer for it to connect? I attempted clicking the link again, but now I am only prompted with 1 of the buttons referred to before receiving my ID number.

(I put the info in realtime database under stripe.)

I attempted just to test, but it doesn’t work.

Also, in the blocks it has “25 * 100” as the amount. Is that for $25.00? Do I have to do that or can I just put “2500” for the amount?

Thank you for your help,

same problem here have you found a solution???