PayTabs payment instead of stripe

Hi everyone

i have see this app stripe

but stripe not support my country and i have try 100 times to connect this app with

but its not work every time give me error

Can any of you connect this company in the app instead of stripe and send the project link for me?
and I will PAY him for this work


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Dear @bader_mouti
You keep changing your mind about which payment gateway to use.

You started with Stripe then 2checkout then Vapulus and now PayTab.

Programming for payment gateway integration is really hard and changing your mind makes it harder.

I made a quick test but because I do not have merchant code or secret key I get what you see in the video.

Sample for PayTab

that not about im changing my mind

im just a starter and i dont know any thing about Programming OR Coding

first im start to Programming Stripe to my app After that, I knew that it did not support my country.

After that start to Programming 2checkout And I knew that I would not be able to verify my account if I did not own a company

and know im create 2 topic one with Vapulus and one with PayTab to see if any one now this company and can help

Sorry if I bothered you by asking for help
But of most users on Thunkable. They do not know any thing about Programming OR Coding this why we use Thunkable

Thank you fro reply with video but i was tring hard to get this button from PayTabs and i dont know how you get it

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To test payment gateway integration you need to first be certain that your code works and therefore I would start with HTML page first or an online API test app such as postman.

Once this is successful, I would start with Thunkable.

This is the reason I made the video to show you the first steps in the development of such integration part.

I also did another one for 2checkout but could not yet resolved the hash code the right way.

These things take time and if you do not have a ready made package you will have to do it your own the hard way.

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Hello @bader_mouti
I made it work in Thunkable

See this:

I think I made a good progress on it.

Now when the transaction passes verification, the user is presented with this screen to enter payment details with the price fixed by the app.

I still need to work on it but the main part is over. You can also see that the page is showing my company name “Bituoil”.


amazing work, thank you so much for that
I don’t think I would have finished my app without this
but can you please show me a screenshot for the blocks

thank you

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I haven’t finished doing it but will see if I can continue on it tomorrow.

First this is what you need in the Web API

Of course at this test stage I am hard coding all values but this is the least to worry about.

Hope that can help you progress with your project.

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thank you so much
i will try to create like this on my app and will updet you how it will work for me

thank you

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All the blocks arrangement was based on the following from the PayTab site.

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'authorization: Your profile server key' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{
    "profile_id": Your profile ID,
    "tran_type": "sale",
    "tran_class": "ecom" ,
    "cart_description": "Dummy Order 35925502061445345",
    "cart_currency": "AED",
    "cart_amount": 46.17,
    "callback": "",
    "return": ""
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i have create the blocks exactly as you
but when i click the button nothing happen

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 10.10.29 PM

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I can see that cart_currency is missing and cart_amount is wrong.

Maybe there are other mistakes but these are in your blocks made wrong.

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I have corrected the error

but now the error is this

i use this URL

thank you now its working
The problem was here in block also
I should have chosen ( letter# from the end )

wen you will finsh the app you create can you please update me
thank you so much muneer

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I’m happy for you to see it working with you.

I will try to work on it but I have other duties to finish and testing a payment gateway is not easy. Now I have a problem that I need to solve and then see how it goes,

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really thank you so so much for help

i will waiting your update when you have a time

Thank you again :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiley:

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hi muneer i just want too ask you how i can create a block when the payment is confirmed do something ??

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The PayTab system will do 2 things.
1- it will issue a transaction number which you have to save it and then process another API request to check transaction status.

2- it will send the payment details to the callback URL specified in the first API call.

You need to use one of the methods or both to check the payment.

I did not test this yet but this is the general idea.

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so if i set the callback URL the link of my website and from my website i will post a message for the app

is this will work ??

i have also try this but its not work

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I don’t know. I have to try it before I can answer.

However, in your code you made card details under customer details which is wrong. They are both in the same level.

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thank you muneer i will keep trying

please dont forget to update me when you finish your app

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