Stripe Error - doesn't currently support cross-border funds flows in Singapore

Does anyone encounter the same issue as above?

I’ve checked with Stripe, the problem seems related to change of server by Thunkable?

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@QIMING_LI, Does your credit card support foreign transaction? Thunkable is based in the United States.


Hi Wei Hua

Thanks for your reply. I was using the dummy card number 4242… for testing purpose and everything was fine Sep e.g. successful (dummy) transaction using USD and SGD. The error msg only occurred recently.

After contacting Stripe, I was advised that the error msg was due to recent change of server location/configuration and there is nothing Stripe can do but seeking further assistance from Thunkable team.

Btw I told Stripe that Thunkable should be based in United States.

@QIMING_LI is your issue related to the Thunkable Stripe component? If so, is your stripe component of the app/project still in the test mode?

@wei Thanks for looking into the issue that I’m facing. I’m all along testing the app under test mode and it was working perfectly since Sep 18. Today I created a fresh new app just to test the stripe component but I was receiving the same issue when I go thru the error logs in my Stripe account. I wonder how I could confirm whether the issue was related to the Thunkable component on my end?

Btw the alert component seems not working properly as it doesn’t even show up on both of my ios and android devices.

Sorry for the late reply. I created a test app and it was working fine. Can you send me the project link? and PM/email me? I can take a look for you.