Accept Payments inside Web Viewer? Google / Apple Pay

Hey there,

In my app, I need to launch out to a web URL to allow a user to make payment with a credit / debit card. I can do this using a web viewer but the process of paying needs to be quick and easy but the web viewer which opens doesn’t have access to the cards stored in the Google / Apple wallet, meaning the user needs to enter the card info manually. This is different behaviour to when I navigate to the URL in my phone browser (Chrome or safari) manually, as I can use the cards stored in my Google / Apple Wallet to make payment without entering the card details again. Is there a way to overcome this or any integration with Google / Apple Pay available / upcoming?

Also, can anyone foresee issues with this app feature when I publish on the app store as I know they’re touchy about payments in apps!


Curious about this as well!